Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Obligatory Sleep Post

If you were to take my camera, flip through the thousands* of pictures of Brigid and Caitlin that are currently on it, you would come to two conclusions. One, that Brigid is a handful. And two, that Caitlin does nothing but sleep.

On conclusion number one, you'd be right. Case in point? Yesterday's post. That picture of Brigid getting all attitude-y on me? I have many, many, MANY more of those at my disposal, because that girl spends MOST of her time getting attitude-y on me. Especially when the camera comes out.

But conclusion number two? Well, that one, sadly, couldn't be further from the truth. This nap?
It lasted 15 minutes, at the most. In fact, a majority of Caitlin's naps last about 15-20 minutes at the most. Coming from the land of Brigid, where naps generally hit a minimum of two hours, I do not approve of a baby that only sleeps 40 minutes a day. On a good day.
And at night? When you'd expect her to make up for her terrible daytime behavior? Well...

She could definitely be worse. But she does this thing, where she'll sleep through until 7-8am one night, then wake up between 4am and 6am the next two or three nights, like she's a sleep-storing camel that managed to bank enough good hours to hold her over for the rest of the week. And as I am not such a camel, I'm not such a fan of this practice, either.

This is one of the few times I actually think I'm looking forward to her teenaged days, because I am going to screw with her SO HARD at 6am every weekend...

(WHY DOES SHE NOT LIKE TO SLEEP?!?!? LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS WHEN SHE DOES IT!! I swear, if she could just SEE how absolutely adorable she is when she's sleeping, she'd want to do it more often.)

*Yes, thousands. I really need to get those off of my phone and backed up on something a little more reliable, and less likely to get stolen or misplaced, don't I?

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  1. Yes, she's definitely so cute while sleeping that she should do it more often.


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