About Me
I am, of course, Tara.  I am the wife of Stephen, the mother of Brigid, the author of this life story.  I am a sports fanatic, an avid shopper, an animal lover, a numbers nerd.  I am a Hoosier at heart, a Southerner by geography, drawn to Georgia by the promise of warmer weather and shorter drives to the beach.

About Us
Steve and I have been together since the beginning of our senior year in college at the University of Notre Dame in 2001.  We were married in 2004, and spent a few years living in Ohio, before we moved to Georgia in 2007.  We settled into our current life in 2008, and Brigid joined our family in 2009.

And I have been a crazy, sleep-deprived mess ever since.  But you already knew that part, didn't you?

The Story Behind the Name
Basically, shortly after I returned to work following my maternity leave, I had to spend a nice Saturday morning catching up on laundry and other miscellaneous household tasks, and when I came downstairs from the laundry room, Steve was on the phone with his mother. Their conversation went something like this…

Steve: (semi-joking, I think) I’d love to go downstairs and play Call of Duty, but I don’t know if Tara will let me.
Steve’s mom: Something, something, something, you each need to have time for your hobbies (obviously, she was on the phone, and I couldn’t hear exactly what was said, but I assume it was something like that).
Steve: Tara, we both need to have a chance to enjoy our hobbies.
Me: I don’t have time for hobbies anymore.
Steve: But I’ve had the baby all morning.

And I walked off muttering obscenities under my breath.

But, the conversation turned out to be much more productive than I realized, because a couple of days later, after brooding over the thought that I did, in fact, need time for a hobby, my blog baby was born...

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!