Thursday, February 13, 2014

Before the snow...

Oh, right...before Atlanta became a hotbed (er, coldbed?) of winter activity, we actually managed to make it out of the house from time to time to actually do things that didn't involve fighting against the horror that is the devil's dandruff (or, you know, snow, in case that wasn't clear).

These things included, but were not limited to:

1) BABY'S FIRST PEDICURE!!! I have maybe been planning this trip since they first told me, almost five years ago, that my firstborn was going to be a girl. It was every bit as much fun as I though it would be.

(She chose pink nail polish, of course. Because, as she tells me every time she picks out a new toy or an article of clothing or a piece of candy, pink is her favorite color. I always pretend to be shocked when she tells me this, just for my own amusement, and she now thinks her mother has the absolute worse memory in the world...)

2) EAT FROZEN YOGURT AFTER BABY'S FIRST PEDICURE!!! Just because it wasn't snowing doesn't mean it wasn't still cold outside (Atlanta, you are on notice. This cold weather crap you keep pulling on me is BS...), so we had to dress appropriately for our frozen yogurt run. 
Just because you have to wear mittens while you eat your ice cream doesn't mean that ice cream isn't still delicious, ok? Of course, as this is the kid that mixes sour gummy candies in with her chocolate yogurt, delicious is a relative term here, but still...

One of these days, maybe we'll get to leave the house again.

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  1. I need to take Elizabeth for a pedicure soon. I bet she would like it.


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