Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eighteen Month Check-Up: Caitlin Edition

I took Caitlin in for a check-up weeks ago, and in the most glaring example of my current inability to keep up with the documentation of my poor, neglected second baby's life, I haven't posted anything about it.

Not that there's anything interesting to post about it, really, but if I'm going to keep an online baby book that I can use in the future to look back fondly on this time with my girls when they were little, then I should probably do it right. Or, as right as posting some terrible iPhone pictures a couple of times a week can be considered, anyway.
Eighteen month stats, Caitlin:
Length: 33.25 inches (89th percentile)
(Eighteen months - 31.75/85th)
(Twelve months - 31.25/95th)
(Nine months - 28.5/78th)
(Six months - 26/67th)
(Four months - 24.75/69th)
Weight: 24lbs 0oz (45th percentile)
(Eighteen months - 22lbs 6.5oz/43rd)
(Twelve months - 20lbs 15.4oz/42nd)
(Nine months - 19lbs 3oz/54th)
(Six months - 16lbs 6oz/59th)
(Four months - 13lbs 4oz/56th)
Eighteen month stats, Brigid:
Length: 33 inches (80th percentile)
(Eighteen months - 30.5/55th)
(Twelve months - 30.5/90th)
(Nine months - 27.5/50th)
(Six months - 26.25/75th)
(Four months - 25/80th)
Weight: 25lbs 3oz (65th percentile)
(Eighteen months - 24lbs 6oz/75th)
(Twelve months - 22lbs 14oz/70th)
(Nine months - 20lbs 14oz/80th)
(Six months - 17lbs 9oz/85th)
(Four months - 14lbs 10oz/75th)

The doctor went through her general spiel around whether Caitlin was walking, talking, and getting into things, at which point I decided hitting two out of the three isn't bad. When I told her that Caitlin wasn't, in fact, talking AT ALL, the doctor started flipping through her medical history, trying to see if there was anything that would point to a reason WHY this wasn't happening. But...Caitlin has been a relatively healthy baby (KNOCK ON ALL OF THE WOOD EVERYWHERE!!!), and there isn't any history of ear infections or poor hearing or anything else that might explain why my girl isn't talking, other than she just appears to be a really, really stubborn baby who won't pick up new tricks on anything other than her own (sloooooooow) schedule.

But! I told this doctor that I'd had the exact same conversation with Brigid's pediatrician at her 18-month check-up, as well. She laughed, and asked me if I was worried. I told her no, she said fine, and Caitlin got some shots.

The end.

And now I have six months to try to get her talking before her 2-year check-up, which is the next time we go in...

(Er, FIVE months, that is, since this all happened over a month ago, and Caitlin is no closer to talking now than she was then. Five months, Caitlin. Let's do this.)


  1. Henry's first word was at 22 months. Those older siblings, keeping the babies down on the speech, man.

  2. Cooper was a really late/ slow talker. We did some (free) speech therapy and now at 3, he is telling me things are ridiculous. So, don't be afraid of speech therapy...and don't be worried in general. More talking = more noise. Jennie Henry


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