Thursday, October 20, 2011



After two years of disappointment, two years of feeling unloved by our neighbors, two years of being mocked by the ghosts on every other house but ours, two years of general SCORN*...we were Boo'd this year. Steve and I took Brigid out to dinner on Monday night, and we came home to our very own ghost, on our very own door, with our very own box o' treats. And I may have gasped/squealed/chair danced in the car when we pulled into the driveway, and I realized we'd been hit.

(But, wasn't just me! Brigid was excited too! Or, at least she was once I took her up to the porch, and she saw the ghost. Also, she's added some additional Halloween lingo to her vocabulary now...not only does a ghost say 'wooooooo', according to her, but he also says 'boo!'. Because, you know, he totally does.)

The best part was that I got to go shopping the very next day to put together my own boo bags, and then I was free to creepily wander the neighborhood on Tuesday night, looking for dark porches on which to leave them. It was awesome. And I am slightly weirder than I'd like to admit, apparently.

Eh, whatever. I had fun, anyway...

*Yes, I may be overreacting slightly to not being Boo'd for two years, but I am a delicate soul, ok? I wanted to play along. I wanted to be included. I WANTED THE FREE CANDY!!


  1. I really should do this for my neighbors this year! It would be a lot of fun and I think they would play along.

  2. Congratulations! Good things come to those who wait

  3. okay, I looked at that older post of yours...I'm pretty sure I used to live in a neighborhood built by the same development company because the facade of that house you posted looks EXACTLY like my old house here in SC! the company that built that neighborhood started in Georgia so I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same one :)

    in other words, now that I sound like a creeper...haha


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