Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Year Check-Up

The stats:
Weight: 26lbs 9oz (53th percentile)
Length: 35 inches (80th percentile)

I was definitely expecting to get a talking to about Brigid's weight gain, since I could tell that my former Michelin baby was thinning out, but the doctor wasn't too concerned about it. She just wanted us to make sure that when B does eat, she's eating food that's good for her, instead of filling up on empty calories, which we already try to do, for the most part.

Also, even though her speech development is still a little slower than Steve or I would like, apparently we have nothing to worry about. She's fine, she's talking enough to ease any concerns we might have, she'll get to where we think she should be eventually.

I like my pediatrician, she's been on top of everything we've dealt with so far in Brigid's short little life, I'm going to take her word on this one.

So...perfect baby. Which we already knew, of course.

And now, some gratuitous shots of the pumpkin patch:

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  1. I just love that first picture. Oh, and Elizabeth has a comment too, after seeing the pictures: "is she meeting the pumpkins?! Good!"


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