Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 38-ish Update

I hit the 38 week mark in this pregnancy last Friday. Brigid was born at 38 weeks and 3 days. In this pregnancy, that would have been yesterday.

Guess who is still not here, yet?

And it's not through any lack of trying on my part, I swear! My parents were in town last week for Thanksgiving, and we had amazing holiday weather here in Georgia. So, we walked Brigid to the playground on Wednesday afternoon. We walked the dogs and Brigid around the neighborhood on Thursday, to get them all out of Steve's way while he was cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We went to IKEA on Friday, then followed that up with ANOTHER walk around the neighborhood with Brigid because Steve seemed to have over-indulged in the holiday festivities a little bit, and needed some quiet time on the couch.

And to top it all off? Steve had not, in fact, over-indulged on anything, but instead had come down with Brigid's stomach virus from last weekend, and a short few hours later, I had followed suit.

That's right, I am not above using a little illness to kickstart my contractions, when they are taking their sweet time in starting.

Unfortunately, not even that seemed to get things moving, as I went into the doctor for my weekly check-up today, only to be told that there is no progression. At all. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. THIS BABY WILL STAY WITH ME FOREVER.

Not that I'm overreacting, or anything.

I did use the full day I spent in bed on Saturday recovering from the bug to plot out the last few items on my to-do list, so when Steve and I were both feeling moderately better on Sunday, we went out to get diapers and diaper paste and a coming home outfit for the kid we still haven't managed to name, yet. And I handwashed a bunch of toys I've been meaning to handwash. And I made a midnight order on Amazon on Sunday night when I realized that even with all of my last minute planning, I'd still forgotten that we needed liners for the diaper pail.

(PSA from me to you: Amazon Prime is ABSOLUTELY worth the subscription. Being able to order one item, with next day delivery, WITH FREE SHIPPING? Get it. Seriously.)

So. Everything is washed. All newborn paraphernalia has been reassembled for action. I have bottles and formula water (in case it comes to that, again) and diapers and wipes and, as of this evening, I will have diaper pail liners. I've packed a bag, for me and the baby. I don't have the infant carseat installed in the van, but I have it ready to be installed, and I think that's as far as I'm going to get until the kid gets here.

Which, at this point, might not be until January. Whatever. At least I'm prepared.


  1. It is time to send this little lady an eviction notice. Amazon prime is my savior!!
    I will keep my fingers crossed for a quick evacuation!!

  2. I was three days over my due date with Elise and we still hadn't put up the pack and play bassinet before we brought her home. That's when we discovered that we were missing the metal rod that holds the bassinet part up. That was a fun first night home, let me tell you!! Thank goodness for her Moses basket bed.

    Good luck with coming up with names! I am lucky Elise was a girl, as we had no boys names!

  3. You sound ready! Your eviction notice has arrived, baby!


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