Thursday, January 3, 2013

Better late than never...

This might shock you all, but we, uh, got a little...behind...on our activity calendar in December. Which is how my sister found herself decorating ice cream cone Christmas trees with Brigid when she came to visit the weekend after Christmas.

I mean, we didn't get behind. I TOTALLY PLANNED IT THIS WAY! I didn't want Auntie Jess to be bored on her visit, you know?

We'll just be referring to them as ice cream cone New Year's Eve trees, ok?


  1. Christmas isn't over until the 12 days of Christmas pass. You still have a few left!

  2. Exactly what Jen said! It's still Christmas Season right now!

    And does it bother you AT ALL that I just want to cover her face with kisses every time you post a pic? She's PAINFULLY adorable!


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