Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Caitlin's Baptism

Shortly after Caitlin was born last November, we began discussing the details around her baptism. We knew we wanted to ask Steve's brother to be the godfather and my youngest sister to be the godmother (Steve's sister and my middle sister are Brigid's godparents), but we were hung up on the date. Since we'd already decided that we would be taking the girls up with us to Notre Dame this year, Steve had all of these grand thoughts around waiting until we made that trip, so we could have Caitlin baptized in the Log Cabin Chapel on campus. I, however, argued that there was no WAY we could wait that long to make the baptism happen.

Fast forward nine months, and when we went to Notre Dame last weekend? We took our unbaptized little sweetheart along with us for the ride.

I swear, I had every intention of having Caitlin baptized as a newborn. I honestly have no idea what happened, or how we made it to this point without having done so already. Of course, I still refuse to believe that my baby is three quarters of the way to her first birthday, too, so maybe the fact that time is just slipping away from me in huge chunks really isn't that hard to believe.

Finally, FINALLY, however, we did it this past weekend, at the Saturday evening Mass. The priest officiating this Mass was the same one that used to be a part of Steve's childhood parish and was present at his First Communion, so that was a nice touch (and also a very Sunrise, Sunset kind of moment, I think...). He informed Steve before the event that he 'uses a lot of water, so bring a towel', and he wasn't lying. He basically used a plastic bucket to pour the holy water all over Caitlin, and while I appreciated the enthusiasm, I think my poor child would have preferred a slightly more low-key event.

But then again, she also farted her way through the ceremony, so I think maybe the importance of the event, in general, was lost on her.

And then Brigid spent the the last few days telling everyone that we had cake at our house, because we had Baby Caitlin 'appetized' this weekend, so my kids are pretty much the best, ever.

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  1. Now that Baby Caitlin has been appetized, can I eat her?


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