Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Progression of a Photo Shoot (Again)

Don't all little kids want to get their pictures taken? Don't they want to strike a cute pose, and smile sweetly, and record their general cuteness for all of posterity?

No. No, they do not. In fact, not only do they NOT want you to get adorable pictures of them at every milestone moment in their life, they want to make sure you are recording what rotten little stinkers they are, instead.

Case in point, Brigid's first day back to school (please note the truly terrible ponytail we sent her off to school with on this particular day, as the child refuses to let me put barrettes anywhere near her head, and those wispies won't control themselves...):
Brigid, let me take a picture of you on your first day of school!
Come on, kiddo, give me a good smile!
Nope, that's not it. It's cute, but not quite what I was going for...
Are you...trying to flip me the bird? Just give me one smile, and I'll leave you alone.
Ok, that works.

Happy first day back to school, kid!


  1. Why was Rudolph going to school in September?

    1. Because Brigid was supposed to bring one thing to preschool to describe herself, and for some reason, she seems to think that Rudolph describes her best. She had big plans to sing the song for her class, but I think she bailed on that idea at the last minute...

  2. Elizabeth will no longer look anywhere at the camera. She is looking off to the side in every picture and she does it on purpose.


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