Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Couch naps really ARE the best naps...

Brigid's sleep schedule has been incredibly off track since the holidays, meaning that most of our days end in a screaming match with her, wherein we try to convince the darling child standing in front of us, in the throes of the meltdown because we dared to suggest she might be tired, that she is, in fact, tired, and that's what happens to be driving the meltdown in the first place.

It's been...fun.

Ever since she's gone back to school, however, I've been hoping that the extra activity and structured schedule would smooth out some of the bedtime bumps we've been facing, but, uh...
...that doesn't seem to be the case? Because she just ends up asleep on the couch, two hours before her actual bedtime? Which does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make the process of putting her to bed any easier?

It's no wonder, really, that the grey in my hair has increased by a thousand percent since that kid was born, I swear.

(Please note that Caitlin is doing her best to hug her sister in this picture, only after I'd told her she wasn't allowed to do her best to wake her sister up by pulling her hair thirty seconds earlier...)

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  1. Elizabeth complains every day about being tired, but does she go to sleep when we put her to bed?


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