Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's been almost a week since Christmas, and between my crazy end-of-the-year schedule at work, and the general insanity that is the holiday season, I never quite got around to documenting the day like I should.

BUT! Let it be known, the event did happen, and it was amazing. Brigid was just the absolute best part of the day (or days, I guess I should say, as we did Christmas Eve with Steve's parents and Christmas morning on our own, then Christmas with my parents right before New Year's Eve), running around, opening everyone's presents for them, and exclaiming how 'adowable' everything was that she opened for herself. She got everything on her list, plus a bunch of things that weren't, because, I don't know...Christmas shopping for the kid all throughout the year means you forget what you bought for her back in March, until you've already purchased the whole of the Toys R Us inventory in December. Or something like that.

Plus...grandparents. The kid gets some stuff from her grandparents.

Anyway, Brigid's by-far-greatest-gift-of-her-entire-life was a Flutterbye Fairy, which I had never even heard of until she picked it out of the Target catalog, but which she opened while shrieking 'Oh, I've been WAITING for one of these!', after she'd already called what the package was just by picking it up.

'I know what THIS is! I bet it's my FAIRY!'

Santa's elf needs to do a better job of camouflaging what's under the wrapping paper, obviously.

Not that I can fault Santa too much, though, because he really had to go out of his way to find this one for Brigid, since Steve and I waited until the last minute to finish our Christmas shopping and couldn't find it in any of the stores around us, ourselves. It seems, when it comes to Brigid's Christmas happiness, Santa's Amazon Prime membership comes in handy, along with his ability to pay a slight premium to whatever person bought up several of these fairies to resell to the general public. I think he'd think the premium was totally worth it, though, if he could hear Brigid tell people about how real her fairy is, because she can fly.

Caitlin, however, didn't get much out of Christmas beyond an appreciation for the deliciousness of Christmas wrapping paper, so I guess it's a good thing Brigid has enough excitement for both of them.

It was exhausting and messy and chaotic, and I can't stop talking about how I'm glad it's all over and ready I am to de-Christmas-fy the house, but if I'm being completely honest? I can't wait to start planning next year.


  1. I just love Christmas so much. And that's clearly a real fairy.

  2. I'm going to chew them both up.
    No, really, I am.

    Also, you're beautiful!


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