Thursday, June 12, 2014

Green Thumb

I think I've only mentioned the fact that I now have a decent backyard for the first time in my adult life maybe 600-700 times, so one more time can't hurt, right?


Brigid has planted (with the help of my MIL) a butterfly garden and a general flower garden, plus Steve and I planted a couple of blueberry bushes along the fence and Steve added a raised bed to the mix, in which we currently have peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and maybe eggplant and a squash or two. (You'd think I'd remember exactly what we planted, but you'd be wrong. We planted everything in the middle of April, when it was 70+ degrees out, right before we got hit with a surprise mid-month freeze that killed off half of our plants. We've replaced some, but at this point, I honestly don't know what we're growing anymore.) Then there are the flowering bushes scattered around that were there when we moved in AND a rose bush that seemed dead but managed to produce one single flower this season (I'LL TAKE IT), and, well...

I think I might exactly enjoy this whole having a garden thing.

(Please note I enjoy HAVING the garden. Gardening itself? Eh. Jury's still out on that one. For myself and Brigid, actually, as my darling eldest daughter was not happy when she found herself digging in dirt that was slightly damp. Dry dirt? Fine. Wet dirt? No thank you.

I don't really get the distinction, but it made sense to her, I guess...)

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