Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I will never get tired of this...

Caitlin is on the move, nonstop. She jumps from one activity to another, from one place to another. She still doesn't talk, which is partially a bad thing, because she definitely should be talking by now, but also isn't the worst thing in the world, because I can't imagine how quickly her brain jumps from one idea to another, and I'm scared that once she stops talking, she won't ever stop. And honestly, Brigid talks more than enough for both of them, so I'm good with the way things are right now.

She drags Steve over to the couch the minute he gets home from work, where she'll sit with him for maybe three seconds, tops, before she jumps off the couch and runs into the other room. She doesn't even really expect him to follow her when she leaves, and I'm starting to think she just likes to know that he will be in the same place she left him, when she decides she wants to go back to him. She'll sit on the floor, and pat the spot next to her, until I sit down, too, at which point she jumps up and runs off. She brings me books to read to her, but I have to read fast, because she wants those pages turned, and she wants them turned RIGHT NOW. She wants us to sing to her while she does the hand motions she associates with the songs we're singing, but she wants to do the hand motions for the next verse of the song, not the one we're on right now, and she'll start clapping for herself when she's done with the song, not when it's actually over.

She has thoughts and opinions, and she's becoming such a little person all of a sudden. It's kind of scary.

But when she's sleepy? She'll finally slow down. She'll let me hold her, and rock her, and sing to her, and sniff her head. And then she sleeps, and she'll always be my sweet little baby.
Tattoos and all...

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  1. Wow. All of a sudden she looks like a little girl, instead of a baby.


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