Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look at the baby!

We took B to the zoo this weekend, to see the baby giraffe...

And other than a slight freak-out regarding a particularly scary (according to her, anyway) monkey statue*...

I'd say the day was a success...

 (searching for the secret stash of fruit snacks...which she found, of course. after the fruit snacks and a piece of cheese, we were shocked that she wouldn't eat lunch. go figure)

  (oof...mom needs a hairbrush, doesn't she? also, I hope this was after I disinfected that thumb...)

 (the mommy/baby monkey combo was not nearly as scary to B, obviously...)

Not pictured here? The panda stamp that she had to have on both hands. The ones she loved so much, that Steve and I both also had to have on both of our hands. That's six stamps right there, between the three of us. And she still hasn't stopped talking about them, ever since.

Obviously, we need to invest in a freaking ink pad, because I haven't seen anything entertain her for as long as those stamps. Who knew?

*are you allowed to freak out about the monkeys, while running around with your very own monkey lovey? I say no...


  1. How fun! B is adorable!! I love taking the kids to the zoo!

  2. Goodness, she's adorable. It looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. I bought a bag of stamps at the local thrift store for Jacob's Easter basket. I haven't given him a stamp pad yet, because I am terrified of the mess he will cause. Luckily, many of the stamps were used, so he just wets them down in the sink to stamp himself. Oddly, this is ok with me?


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