Thursday, July 5, 2012

Holiday Blues

The last parade Brigid went to was the Halloween parade across town, this past October. And for that parade, we took her plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin, stood in the middle of the street, and stocked up on candy that absolutely none of us needed, but also candy that none of us could actually say no to when it came flying at us from the passing floats.

So, we were expecting big things from the 4th of July parade we hit up yesterday. In fact, Brigid wanted to bring her plastic pumpkin with her to the big event, but Steve talked her out of it at the last minute.

And it's a good thing, too, since there was NO CANDY at this parade. NONE. There was every, single, freaking politician under the sun at the parade, but no candy.

Brigid was distraught.

'Me can't look at you. Me no have candy.'
(Seriously...that's a direct quote from little miss thing, here.)

Lucky for us, there were some leftover Smarties and a Blow Pop in her diaper bag that we'd scored from my parents' house in Indiana, previously intended for use as air-plane-quiet bribes. We pretended to find them on the ground, and all was right with the world.

But really? Who has a parade with no candy?

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  1. Are they kidding? No candy!

    There is a parade here in September. The last time we went, there was lots of candy and Elizabeth even scored two of those freezer pops. Brigid can come to that one.


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