Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's a....


I shouldn't be at all surprised by this, seeing as how that's all my family does, really, if myself, my two sisters and my current daughter are any indication.

Brigid was in the room with us during the ultrasound, and after months of telling us that it was a baby brother in mommy's tummy, when Steve told her it was actually going to be a girl, she responded with a less than enthused...

No boy? Oh well.

But then in the car on the way home, she told us she was going to pick out a couple of outfits for the new baby and that the two of them would be sharing clothes.

So I think she's just fine with her future sister.

(And I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty freaking ok with two girls, myself. I mean, it would be such a shame if all of Brigid's clothes didn't get used a second time, right?)



  1. Yay girl! I hate that I can't reuse any of P's clothes, unless I want a little girl wearing shirts with trains and dinosaurs on them :) congrats Tara!

  2. I was JUST THE OPPOSITE of Brigid. I wanted a little sister SO BAD that, when my brother was born, after the nurse showed him to me, I asked my dad when she was going to go get my little sister. He had to tell me repeatedly, "There is NO baby sister!" Glad to see that Brigid adapted much more quickly!

  3. congrats...you are almost halfway there. Just wait until they are teenagers...they definitely won't want to share clothes then!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that we have two girls! It'll be super awesome. And B and Hoss will be about the same age difference as S and Bean! They adore each other. :)


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