Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Next Steps

Well....I'm having a second girl.

And I'll be 19 weeks along on Friday.

Up to this point in my pregnancy, I've been putting my to-do list off with the understanding that once I found out what I was having, I'd really get to work on making sure things were ready around the house for December.

Piles and piles of clothes around the baby's new room? Can't do anything with them until I find out what I can and can't use.

Potential names that Steve and I might like? There's really no point in going through that process until we can eliminate half of the names.

But now, I know what I'm having. And seeing as how Brigid came along around 38 weeks last time, I could technically be halfway through this pregnancy.

That's a thought right there, huh?

(Side Note: I don't know if this baby will be as early as Brigid was or not. She was measuring around 7lbs with about three weeks to go, and her head was LARGE, so my doctor decided to do what she could to 'hurry the process along' at my 38 week check-up. Considering B was 7lbs 11.5oz at birth, I appreciated the help, because I didn't want to try to deliver a 9lb baby at full -term. I think, though, that it made the labor process a little longer than it would have been, because I'm not sure Brigid was really ready to come out. I just imagine that this kid could end up being a 40 week baby, if left to her own devices. I guess we'll see...)

So, I guess it's time to start on that list, maybe? The first item on my list is going to be make a list, because between bottles and baby gear and diapers and all other manner of newborn paraphernalia, I'm not even sure what all it is I need to do before December. So I'm focusing on the organizing and laundering of Brigid's old clothes, because that is a problem staring at me every day from the bottomless pit of mess that used to be the floor of the nursery, while adding some time for an over-dramatic wailing about how THERE ARE NO GOOD NAMES LEFT IN THE WORLD!!&#!sadface!#$! because Steve and I have tried ONCE to come up with a list of names, and we weren't able to really agree on anything that we liked.

But pregnancy is not the time to be rational, people, so I will do my best to avoid any semblance of sanity at all costs. You may want to avoid me for the next few months, if that's an option open to you...

(Sorry, Steve, that most definitely does not include you. Love you and stuff!)

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  1. You do realize that I was pregnant for a full month longer than you were last time? Perhaps these two shall be closer together in age than we thought.


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