Monday, October 1, 2012

I really think she does this on purpose...

This morning, while Steve was in the shower:
Me: What do you want for breakfast, Bug? How about some peanut butter toast?

Brigid: No, I already had cereal.

Me: When? Today?

B: No.

Me: Ok, then. How about an egg?

B: No. I want some of that. (As she points to a bag of candy on the kitchen table...)

Me: You want some Smarties?

B: Yes.

Me: But you can't have Smarties for breakfast.

B: Why?

Me: Because you can't have candy for breakfast.

B: Why?

Me: Because those are the rules of candy.

B: I want Smarties!

Me: No.

B: (collapsing in a sobbing mess on the couch) I WANT MY DADDY!!!

Me: Daddy will tell you no, too, kiddo.


Ten minutes later:
Steve: How about some breakfast?

Brigid: I want Smarties.

Steve: You can't have candy for breakfast. How about an egg?

Brigid: OK!

Me: (bangs my head on the wall in protest against the ridiculousness of the toddler mind...)


  1. My favorite part is when she said that she had already had cereal.

  2. I have a feeling it's only going to get worse as our daughters get older...

  3. Ry does the SAME thing. Relents for Bill when she's giving me a hard time, but she also does it in reverse. She just plays us NON STOP. :)


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