Thursday, September 27, 2012


Poor Brigid. Last year, Steve and I went all in on her birthday theme of Nightmare Before Christmas, with awesome invitations, an elaborate cake, more-than-was-actually-needed food (including a hot dog bar, with NBC themed food cards), and an entire set of plush NBC characters to sit around the kitchen.

This year, all of her little friends have incredibly recently born siblings, her ballet theme request has been less than easy for me to follow through on, and everybody will be lucky to get an email from me, with the party information included.
With no exaggeration on my part, I feel pretty confident in saying that she's getting this...
...and some pink and white balloons. And that's about it.

And you know what? She won't even care. She'll have sugar to eat and presents to unwrap, and she will be perfectly fine with just these two things to keep her happy.

So, why am I all upset about my lack of creativity/preparation this year, again?


  1. Don't stress yourself out! You have enough going on right now and she will not remember...just the presents and the sugar is all she wants!!

  2. Ok, that's WAY better than what my kid got for his birthday this year. I didn't even know if he would get a cake until the day before his birthday, and didn't invite family over until the day of. Then again, his birthday happened to fall two days after my due date and I had no idea if the new baby was going to make her debut or not.

    Kids will be happy with anything they get. Plus, if you set her standards low right now, she won't be expecting a gigantic princess party with a new Mercedes and Lil Jon performing for her sweet sixteen :)


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