Monday, December 31, 2012

One Month Check-up

Last night, Caitlin and Brigid decided sleep was for the weak. Or, maybe they didn't decide sleep was for the weak, so much as they decided sleep WASN'T for our family. Because between the two of them, and their various wake-up schedules, I got maybe three hours of sleep during the entire night, including one incredibly refreshing stretch of TWO WHOLE HOURS straight, before Caitlin woke me up for the day, and her doctor appointment this morning.

And because I don't do well on little sleep, so I was already on edge when we got to the doctor's office.

So, when our pediatrician informed me that even though the rather large and squishy hematoma Caitlin has had on her skull since birth has finally shrunk enough that you can actually feel the bone beneath it, she still couldn't feel that bone where she should? And that she wanted us to go get an x-ray to determine if maybe Caitlin had a skull fracture? Or even something worse?

I may have started crying on her, immediately. And I may have called Steve in tears from the examination room, while waiting for them to set up our referral to the imaging center. And I may have taken to Twitter with my general hysteria.

And after we went and had the x-rays taken? While we were waiting for our pediatrician to call us back with the results?

I may have gone off to eat my feelings at Waffle House.

I apologize for nothing.
Waffle House notwithstanding, we got the call shortly after this that the x-rays were fine, that the radiologist had seen bone, all intact, that we had nothing to worry about.

Just once, I'd like to have one of these check-ups pass with no drama, because I don't know WHEN the last time was that we were able to go to the doctor without having to worry about SOMETHING when we left. Once again, I'm convinced these kids are trying to make me crazy.

It's a good thing they're both so cute, is all I'm saying...


  1. Super cute, or you would totally be justified in leaving them out in the woods.

  2. Or selling them to the gypsies!

  3. GAH kids! Mine's not even born yet and I feel your pain :) Glad you got your good news too!


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