Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Her Mother's Daughter

Brigid may look like Steve. And she may have a lot of Steve's personality in her. And she may prefer to spend all of her time with Steve instead of me.

But I'm starting to think that she at least found her happy place through me.
I'm so HAPPY to be in the sand, mommy! I love the beach.

You and me, both, kiddo. You and me, both.

(Side Note: I have to say, the beach in the winter is kind of wonderful. Sure, it was windy and chilly by the water, but it was warm on the deck, and the sky was blue, and the water was gorgeous, and it was mostly deserted, and I just really loved it. And I want to go back. Preferably, sometime yesterday. Can you retire to the beach at 33?)

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