Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Party Bed!

Steve spent the past weekend in Florida for his brother's bachelor party, and while Brigid didn't have any meltdowns over the fact that I was her only parenting option while he was gone (which is a welcome improvement over how little she wanted me around a few months ago), she was still beyond excited that he was finally home last night.
She was SO excited, in fact, that she didn't want to lose sight of him for something as trivial as sleep.

So...guess who slept with us last night? And guess who, at 11PM, when she should have already been asleep for three hours, was making three or four trips between her room and ours, because she apparently needed FRIENDS in bed with her, besides just Steve and I and two dogs?
It's a good thing she's so cute. And it's a good thing we're such suckers.
And it's a REALLY good thing we have a king bed. Because no amount of cuteness would sucker us into sharing a bed with her if we didn't. She takes up a surprising amount of room for someone so small...


  1. Jacob was coming into bed with us every night for months. We have a King size so it's not too bad, but then he'd end up flinging his foot onto the baby's face and I couldn't handle it anymore. I make the occasional exception though!

  2. She looks so comfy. And like she has plenty of company.


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