Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Every. Single. Night.

I think we're just going to give Brigid's room to Caitlin. I mean, it's not like Brigid is using it at all. And, in fact, she keeps telling us she doesn't even LIKE that room anymore. Last night, it was something about her toy lantern, the one that she's loved (literally) to pieces, bothering her by being in there with her.

THAT'S why she felt like she needed to come sleep with us.

(Side Note, the first: I'm pretty sure she was full of crap with that one. But you have to admire her creativity, don't you?)
(Side Note, the second: It's hard for EVERYONE BUT THE TODDLER to get a good night of sleep, when said toddler is sleeping like THAT.)

(Side Note, the third: These pictures were taken last week. But it doesn't matter, because this is what has been happening almost every night for a month. We put Brigid to bed at a decent hour. She keeps herself awake by coming out of her room to request things like water, a bathroom break, or to sleep with the cat, OR she spends an hour picking out her clothes for the next day and piling them outside of her door or throwing them over the 2nd floor railing to the couch. Then, as soon as she sees the hall light go out, she gathers up blankets/pillows/every stuffed animal known to man to bring down to our room, where she stands next to the bed, staring at us silently, until one of us agrees to let her sleep with us, on the promise that she will sleep in her own bed the following night.)

(Side Note, the fourth: She will not, in fact, sleep in her own bed the following night.)

(Side Note, the fifth: Steve and I are tired, tired people.)


  1. Jacob went through this phase. It just ended, actually, although he did have a bad night on Saturday night after I put him back in his bed. Where he wailed for two hours and then slept until noon the next day. I don't function well when I have to sleep with two children. Especially when the bigger one has a habit of shoving his foot in the baby's face.

  2. I'm going to bring Elizabeth over every night to sleep with Brigid.


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