Thursday, March 14, 2013

I love her.

Caitlin and Brigid weighed the exact same when they were born and were only about a half an inch apart in length, but by the time Caitlin got into her last visit to the doctor, she was measuring in the 38th-ish percentile, versus her big sister's 75th-ish measurements. And obviously, I took this personally, because, come on. Brigid was an adorably chubby baby! Caitlin must toe the line!

Much better.

(Those cheeks. That pudgy little arm. The perfectly rolly little thighs that I must have photographic evidence of soon, because they are my MOST FAVORITE THINGS, EVER. She's coming along nicely, I think...)

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  1. Excellent. I told Ryan yesterday that he was looking a bit fatter, so good job.


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