Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Going On Thirteen

I can't even believe how big Brigid is getting sometimes. I mean, look at this kid...
Where did she even come from? I'd swear that it was just yesterday when she was a baby, and now she says things like, "Sooooo, how was baby Caitlin?" when I come into her room after putting Caitlin to bed for the night, like baby Caitlin and I had just been out for a night out on the town or something, and not like we'd both just seen Brigid thirty minutes earlier.
In two weeks, we start ballet, in a Mommy and Me class hosted by the Atlanta Ballet. She has little tights, and little ballet shoes, and we're going shopping for the official Atlanta Ballet leotard on Saturday, and Brigid is just so excited about it, I can't wait to see her in action.
It's just...I remember when her only cause for excitement was her next bottle, and it doesn't seem like it's been that long since that was the case.
And then there's this one, who goes in for her four month check-up in a couple of weeks...
Four months. I just CAN'T with all of the growing and changing and aging and whatnot.

Why is it that time seems to speed up, just when you want it to slow down the most?


  1. That's ridiculous. No more growing up, babies!

    Also, you need to come over and play before these two get any bigger.

  2. Caitlin seems like a pretty happy baby. They really do grow up fast. Jack turned 7 yesterday and I am just stunned that he can be that old. I cannot wait to hear about ballet!!

  3. THAT IS THE CUTEST OUTFIT EVER. She just looks so springy and adorable! I cannot wait to hear how the ballet classes go (which reminds me that I need to sign my son up for gymnastics!)

    Also, if your water supply ever goes dry, I am sure that you could trap rainwater in Caitlin's dimple. HOLY WELL WITH AN ECHO DEEP BATMAN! LOVE IT.


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