Wednesday, August 21, 2013


When I rock Caitlin to sleep at night or before her nap, she always maintains a solid grip on my shirt until she's fast asleep and completely incapable of doing it any longer.
It's kind of the cutest thing in the whole entire world, EVER, which is almost cute enough for me to forgive her for keeping me up for three hours last night, for absolutely no discernible reason, outside of 'I just really want to be held right now, mom, so you're kind of screwed on the sleep thing tonight, mkay?'...

Almost. Cute. Enough.
(Ok, ok...totally cute enough. You're forgiven, you unsleeping little turd, you.)


  1. Oh, her little grippy hand! Don't leave me, Mama!

  2. Your girls and their bedtime rituals!


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