Friday, August 9, 2013

They're Real

I feel like I spend so much of my time trying to get actual, photographic evidence of Caitlin's dimples, that the whole process could pass for my own personal search for Bigfoot. I mean, I could tell you until I was blue in the face that she has them, but if you've never seen them, do they actually exist?

But she does have them! I swear! Look! You can kind of see a hint of them if you squint just right...
WAIT! I promise! They're coming! We're getting closer...
 GOTCHA! Dimples. My baby has dimples when she smiles, and it's adorable.
(Sort of not pictured: Me, making the worst of all silly faces into the camera, in order to get her to smile. I did the best I could to crop it out, because nobody needed to see that. I apologize for what was left behind.)

Dimples. Finally.


  1. Elizabeth would like to leave the comment on this one: "Caitlin! How cute is she?!?"

  2. What a sweetie pie. Kiss those dimples for me.


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