Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Kid

Watching Brigid's development from a little lump of a baby to the crazy and creative kid that she is today has been one of the greatest benefits I've received from being her mom. I'm still aware of so many 'viewing the world in a straightforward way' aspects of her personality at this age, seeing as how she just got a toy bunny that she named Bunny, to go along with her giraffe that she named Giraffe and her pony that she named Pony, but then there are those days when you can see the wheels turning in that little head of hers. And you just know she's about to blow you away with something great, something made even more amazing because you can tell that she thought her way through the process all by herself.

Everybody, meet Meatball, the IKEA puppy.

And yes, I  know that maybe I'm getting all weepy and OH LOOK AT MY BABY ALL GROWED UP about something slightly less than extraordinary, but COME ON. We went to IKEA last week, met up with some friends for a lunch of Swedish meatballs, and bought a stuffed dog that Brigid promptly named Meatball. IT'S CUTE, OK?

Maybe it's not much. Maybe it's not the big deal that I am making it out to be. But big deal or not, it's just one sign in a long line of them that points to the fact that my baby is growing up, and I am entitled to kind of overreact about that if I want to overreact about that. And I've never met anything I didn't want to overreact about, so...yeah.

She's just the best, I swear.

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  1. I thought this was the best. Meatball! It's perfection!


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