Monday, November 25, 2013


Lost in the shuffle of the house debacle we were dealing with at the end of October was Brigid's excitement at getting Boo'd right before Halloween. I was feeling a little down about the whole process, because with the 'For Sale' sign in the front yard, and without our normal Halloween decorations all over the place, we weren't exactly ideal targets for anyone playing along. Personally, I would have avoided our house, too, because houses that are for sale are off limits for the fun, according to my odd way of thinking, so I just assumed Brigid would miss out on all of it. Our next-door-neighbors came through for us a few days before Halloween, however, and Brigid could not have been more excited about finding a random box of goodies on her front porch.

But...since it was so close to Halloween (I mean, seriously, it was something like the DAY BEFORE Halloween when this happened), and because we were in such a state of disarray around the house, I did not pay the Boo'ing forward to the two houses like I was supposed to. I skipped it entirely, in fact. And now I'm approximately 35% convinced that this bad karma is what caused our first closing to fall through at the last minute.

It's probably a good thing my neighborhood doesn't do something similar for Thanksgiving, because I'd hate to screw it all up again...

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