Friday, November 22, 2013

DISNEY!!! (the even better visual experience...)

I could, maybe, I guess, share something a little better than the crappy iPhone pictures that I was taking all week. Again, all of the thanks to my fantastic brother-in-law Greg for wanting to be that member of the family that everyone always makes fun of because he just won't stop taking pictures...

Did I mention that the first day of the trip was spent at Universal Studios? Where we visited Hogwarts and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Because it was, and we did, and I could have ended the trip right then and still been happy. I want to live there, forever and ever and ever.

But nooooooo. I had to leave. So we could go to Epcot and Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and whatever. I'm bitter.

Then again, Brigid's face when she saw Cinderella's castle?
Totally made it all kind of worth it, you know?

Ok. Fine. I had fun. Damn you, Disney...

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  1. Amazing pictures. I need to go to Disney tomorrow.


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