Thursday, November 21, 2013

DISNEY!!! (the visual experience...)

Oh, Disney. The pictures.

Brigid's stuffed animals seem to have thrown a party every time we left the room, because they were never in the same place we'd left them when we got back. (Please notice how my dear daughter decided she needed to take EVERY DISNEY THEMED TOY SHE'D EVER RECEIVED with her on this trip...)
Digging for dinosaur bones at the Animal Kingdom is serious business. Serious. Business. Brigid almost had a meltdown when we couldn't find the place she'd seen on the Disney vacation planning DVD. She's just lucky her mother doesn't mind asking for directions.



Lunch at Belle's castle was only a Brigid approved activity, after we promised her that the Beast would not show up while we were eating. Also, even though it was 80 degrees and sunny when we went in for lunch, it was apparently nighttime and snowing at the castle. Damn enchanted castles, with their cold weather tendencies...

Hi Caitlin!

Steve beat the high score on the Buzz Lightyear game, and OF COURSE he did not google which targets would earn him the highest number of points if he hit them before he played. (*coughCHEATERcough*)
It took Brigid some time to warm up to the parades at the various parks. She was constantly afraid someone would try to come up to her, so she needed to hide behind something for protection. She was resourceful...

She'd changed her mind by the end of the week, though, and decided she needed to be front row for the action. (Steve tried to get her a Minnie Mouse hat from the gift shop, but Brigid wanted the Dale hat, instead. For someone who is constantly telling me how pink is her favorite color, this was a SHOCKING choice.)
 And a few more various moments from the week...

And...that was Disney. I wonder how long it's going to take us to recover from the week, before we start planning the next trip? I'm setting the over/under at 5 years, I think...


  1. I DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They are so cute! The pic of Caitlin in the Viking hat? DIEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    And it will never cease to amaze me how Brigid looks like a LITTLE girl in some pictures, and a tweenager in others. Our girls, why must they torture us so?

    I am glad that you went on this trip, and got to enjoy some frivolity!


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