Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It Finally Happened

After what felt like absolutely forever, but was really only about two and a half months from the time we officially listed our house for sale, we finally, finally, FINALLY closed on the sale last Friday. And even though we'd postponed the purchase of the house we wanted when the previous closing on our house fell through, the seller had extended our contract on the new house, with the provision that if they received another offer before we sold our house, we would be bumped from the primary spot.

Luckily, that didn't happen, and within three hours on Friday afternoon, we'd sold one house, bought another, and finally put all of the uncertainty behind us.

To say I was relieved when we left the lawyer's office on Friday evening might be just a bit of an understatement.

Also, the person who bought our old house? Is now absolutely terrified that he's in for a rough ride on selling his other house, after listening to us relive our horror stories with our realtor while at the closing table. Maybe we shouldn't have been quite so chatty with him in the room?

After learning our lesson with the first cancelled closing, we worked the closing agreement to grant us an additional 48 hours of occupancy after the sale of the house, so after sending Brigid, Caitlin, both dogs, AND both cats to my in-laws' on Friday afternoon, Steve and I spent the last night in the house putting the final touches on the packing process, for Saturday's scheduled move.

Everything, so far (knock on wood), has gone about as smoothly as you can expect in this process. We don't seem to have anything broken, halfway through the unpacking process. We have internet and tv up and running. There were a few things for Steve to fix, but he's been able to tackle those with only a minimal amount of swearing, so that counts as a win. Brigid's IKEA bed went back together, which surprised me a little, because I was expecting it to disintegrate the moment we took it apart. We aren't scheduled to get a fence for another week+, which means we have to take the dogs out on the leash every time they scratch at the door, and our kitchen refrigerator won't be delivered until the 17th, which means we're using the beer fridge in the basement for all of our food cooling needs, but these are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things.

And then there's Brigid, who has told me multiple times how happy she is that we've moved into this house, has taken my mom on a Facetime tour of the whole place, chattering like a goon the entire time and pointing out such fascinating features as the toilet in the master bathroom, and has told everyone that the house is named 'Golf Ball House' because you can get golf balls there, and you always name a house after what you can get there, 'like, I get waffles at Waffle House, and that's why it's called Waffle House'.

Well, then. It's hard to argue with logic like that, I guess. Golf Ball House it is...


  1. Tara! !!!! Hooraaaayyyy! I am just SO happy for you guys! Finally! Oh I am so relieved for you!


  2. Hooray! Even though this is slightly more inconvenient for me. I am looking forward to all the free golf balls though.

  3. I can't wait to see it all come together!


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