Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Princess Life

At one point in time, I thought I was going to be able to keep Brigid away from the evil clutches of the Disney empire. I thought I would be able to protect her from annoying 16-year old mermaids that were willing to throw away their entire (very nice, I might add) lives for some stupid boy they'd never even exchanged ONE SINGLE SOLITARY WORD WITH. I thought maybe I wouldn't have to try to explain to her why Disney hates mothers so much. I thought there was a chance that I could send my child to college AND retire some day, instead of spending one of those funds to keep said child ensconced in all things Disney-logo-ed.

I was wrong.

And honestly, I haven't been too upset about it. I mean, yes, I still have ISSUES with that mermaid, and Disney's hate has spread to all parents now, not just moms. But the rest of it? Well, Brigid looks pretty cute in all things Disney, so I don't mind that she's going to have to rely on her looks in life instead of her brain when we can't afford to send her to college in 14 years. (Because you'd better believe that retirement fund is not going ANYWHERE, mkay?) I want to go to Disney World for Halloween this year, then back for Christmas again next year. I have a hula dancing Olaf on my desk, and I just barely talked myself out of buying a singing, stuffed version of him for myself, as well. I think it's safe to say I've had my fair share of the kool-aid at this point.

My only regret? The Merida wig.

I have nightmares about this wig. I don't know just scares me, and she scares me in it. Thankfully, she doesn't wear it often, and I'd sneak it out and into the garbage if I wasn't 100% sure that the moment I did, she'd ask to wear it again just to spite me. And then there'd be yelling and crying and fussing and somehow Steve would end up buying her a new one just to appease the beast. And nobody needs to be spending money on a 2nd creepy wig around here.

So. It sits. On the shelf in her closet. Where she will hopefully forget about it for awhile. Until she remembers she has it. And my nightmare starts again.

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