Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today was the Mother's Day event at Brigid's school, and oh! is it fun to go to school with Brigid. She is just something else sometimes, that kid.

The teachers had a little survey kind of thing that they did before the breakfast, where they asked each kid to fill in the blanks of a little blurb that was then laminated and presented to the mothers while we dined in high style on muffins and donuts, seated on tiny plastic chairs.* We were supposed to guess which one was done by our children, as they were read aloud, and even though Brigid's was the last one read, I think I would have guessed which one was meant for me even if hers had been read first.
While I basically melted over being the best ever because I give her hugs, especially because Steve was the best ever for letting her watch tv,** I still felt a little betrayed that she had to divulge my Target secret. I mean, come on...she's supposed to be on my side, here!

I sound like a pretty healthy person, though, and I am only 14 years old, so I guess she can be forgiven. Also, I'm just happy she didn't tell them about the outlet mall...

*I don't know how Steve did the dads' event, honestly. I barely fit in the chair, and I'm a foot shorter than he is...

**Steve's response when I texted him this picture before I left the school, with the simple message of 'I win!'? 'Whatever...ask her if she wants a hug or to watch tv tonight.' I...think he has a point, there.


  1. Don't all the cool people like to go to Target?

  2. Spencer said I was 85lbs. I'm wondering what he thinks someone at my actual weight looks like.


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