Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall makes me happy...

Things I am grateful for this week:

1) I have a job flexible enough to allow me to meet Steve and Brigid for a lunchtime shopping trip at Old Navy. Even if that shopping trip was made a little less fun through the appearance of a toddler tantrum (or five)(seriously...kid was not happy today...).

2) Old Navy's ridiculously cute clothes for little girls...and their sales prices. Brigid is going to be the most adorably dressed little two-year old ever, come birthday time.

3) The Toys 'R Us closest to my house deciding to move to a new location, forcing them to offer everything in the old store up for 30-40% off...just in time for Brigid's birthday shopping. And Christmas shopping, for that matter. We are set.

4) Brigid's love of all things Nightmare Before Christmas, which, combined with a birthday only a couple of weeks before Halloween, means my early Halloween decorating binge will actually come in handy this year.

Actual conversation with my husband, earlier this week:
Me: I think I want to have a beach theme for Brigid's birthday this year.
Steve: Right, because our house is decorated EXACTLY LIKE A BEACH right now.
Me: So, you're saying that's a bad idea?
Steve: ...
Me: I guess we could do a Nightmare Before Christmas themed birthday.
Steve: That probably makes more sense.

5) The heat in Georgia finally breaking (even if it's just a temporary reprieve), because 65 degree weather means it's nice enough outside that I actually WANT TO RUN in the evenings. Which is kind of a good thing, since I'm also grateful for...

6) ...candy corn and pumpkin spice lattes. My Target has both a Starbucks and a candy aisle.

I'm not saying I want to move in there full time, or anything, but if you need me this month, that just might be the best place to find me...

Happy Friday!


  1. I think October birthdays would be the best excuse to have costume parties! I have never thrown one, but I think it's a great idea. A friend of my mom had a fish party once and everyone had to come as a fish, it was awesome!

  2. Yay candy corn!!! One of the best things about fall.

    You have such a cute family - love all of your pictures! :)

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