Thursday, September 22, 2011

Potty Shirt

Brigid turns two in a couple of weeks, and since it seems like it's about that time to start with the whole potty training extravaganza, we've been letting her run around the house diaperless in the evenings. And she seems to be understanding the general concept of the idea, as long as she's only running around diaperless, right next to her potty chair.

Get her away from the potty chair? That's a different story, all together.

Anyway, as we were getting Brigid ready for her bath last night, Steve took off her t-shirt and handed it to me.

According to him: 'That doesn't have to go in the hamper, she's only been wearing it since I got home. That was just her potty shirt...'


For future reference, any article of clothing that includes the word 'potty' in the title earns an automatic ticket to the basket o' dirty clothes.

Glad we've cleared that up...

Elmo will now forever be tarnished for me. Potty shirt, indeed.


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  2. I almost always wash everything of Elizabeth's that has been worn at all. It's amazing how messy she can get so quickly. I have the worst stains on one pair of pajamas because I didn't notice some spills until it was too late. And I totally agree, anything containing the word potty gets washed.


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