Thursday, September 8, 2011

Once again...

...I will acknowledge that when it comes to Brigid, I am completely and utterly screwed in this whole parenting thing.

I mean, really? And I say 'no' to those eyes and cheeks, how again?

I just don't see it happening...

Guess I should probably start saving for that pony she's going to want in a couple of years, huh?

(photos by my brother-in-law...because I still haven't even looked at the pictures we took while we were in Florida, yet. I am lazy. Thank goodness there are other family members to cover for me.)


  1. Oh wow. No dating until she is 3o at least! :) She is beyond adorable!

  2. look at those beautiful eyes and squeezable cheeks!!! i can see you in the first picture :)

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