Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas List, Check Two

So, in addition to watching Rudolph and looking at lights around the neighborhood, my Christmas activity list included our annual viewing of Charlie Brown Christmas when it was on television on Monday night, because I can remember, as a kid, hurrying through my bedtime routine, just so I'd be ready to watch it right when it started at 8pm. It was a big deal.

It still kind of is...

This was back in the days before DVR, of course, because now it's actually better to start the show a little late, so you have some room to fast forward through the commercials. Also, here's where I tell you that we never got a TV Guide at our house, because we only had about 5 channels (country living = no cable), so we didn't really need to know when anything was on, but we'd always pick one up in December so we'd know when the Christmas specials were on.

Again, it was kind of a big deal.

I had some good childhood Christmases, you know? I hope Brigid says the same thing some day.

And I hope we're off to a good start...


  1. I love a Charlie Brown Christmas! We are totally going to watch it this year. Also, Brigid's gingerbread pajamas are totally adorable.

  2. My DVR is full of christmas specials...too bad my boys show mo interest in them...ha!


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