Monday, December 12, 2011

Why I start decorating in November...

It's not at all an exaggeration to say that it took me the entire month of November to decorate my house for Christmas.

Between two trees, twenty boxes of stuff (because I have been collecting for awhile, now), and lighted garland that we had to put together ourselves, because we bought the cheap stuff during the last Christmas season, and we only garlanded (shut up, it's totally a real word...) half of our staircase after Steve decided he just didn't want to deal with winding two strands of thin garland together to make it look nice and full, then adding lights, once we'd finished only half of the bannister, with the added bonus of working around that pesky job that takes up too much of my time, and along with the help (which isn't helpful, at all) of the resident two-year old, it takes some time to get everything looking the way I want it to look.

But, despite what Steve might have you believe, I think it's all worth it...





  1. Good job! We just put up the tree and I throw some garland at the fireplace mantle with some lights and call it done. But we live in a very small space, so I can't do much of anything or there would be no room for people. :)

  2. Let's discuss this garland. What kind do you have? More importantly, what kind should I get for next year? I want to do our stairs and our mantel. This year, I bought live garland and I HATE it. Needles everywhere and it looked dead two days after I bought it. Also, it doesn't smell good at all.

    And your house looks beautiful!

  3. Love it decorating is fantastic. My favorite has to be the Christmas village!!


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