Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Despite what my parents may think about my city-loving self, I do like to get outside from time to time. I just don't like to get outside when it's 95 degrees, with 150% humidity.

And really, who would?

So, now that it's actually pleasant outside (we don't use 'pleasant' to describe most Decembers in Indiana, so...point, Georgia) we finally get to use the playground in our neighborhood to wear out the child who never sleeps.

And seeing as that child and I fell asleep in the floor together when we got home, it was a success all around.

(She's blowing you kisses. Obviously.)


  1. I miss going outside! But it's been pretty chilly here and the snow is still on the ground, so the playground is out until we get a 60 degree day!

  2. It has been quite pleasant lately. Which I really appreciate and I think it gives us the total right to complain in the summer. Since we don't complain in the winter like everyone else in the country.


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