Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Girl

Because I haven't been all weepy and overly emotional about my daughter growing up in awhile...


Seriously, kid...what is going on with all of this growing up shit? I'm not so sure I fully approve...

Oh, ok...there she is. I've still got some time left on this whole childhood thing, don't I?
First things you know how depressing a crib looks when you're used to it being full of baby and blankets and stuffed animals and such? And then you see it all empty and alone and unloved?

It's pretty depressing.

But you know what kind of kills that dark cloud? Listening to your two-year old explain to her aunt in Indiana, via FaceTime, that the railing protects her ('potets me') from falling out of bed, but where the railing doesn't reach all of the way to the end of the bed, she's on her own ('no potet me'). And then listening to her giggling like a crazy woman, because she thinks that is just HILARIOUS.

Of course, she also thinks that pooping in her undies is hilarious, maybe her sense of humor takes some way of thinking that is beyond me...


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