Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's All Go Back!

Although you'd never know it by looking at ANY of the pictures I took of her last weekend, Brigid enjoyed her time at the beach.

(The absolute SECOND I ask Brigid to smile or even just stand still for a picture, I get the BIGGEST teenager-levels-of-disgust look you could EVER imagine. It would be impressive, coming from so small a person, if it weren't so damn frustrating...)
Don't get me thoroughly knocked her on her butt, and she was kind of a grump-filled pain in the you-know-what for two day straight, but still...
She had fun.

How could she not, when her Nana was there to share an ice cream sandwich with her after every meal, her Papa took her swimming and fed her twinkies after every nap, and her Auntie did anything and everything she asked her to do, up to and including entertaining her for five hours straight on the drive down?

I love Atlanta. Steve and I have managed to establish a pretty great life down here over the last few years, and I don't think I'll ever really regret the decision to move.

But as much as I adore the way things have turned out for me since then, I hate that it's all had to happen so far away from my family.

I miss them. All of the time.

But I'm sure glad I have times like these to look forward to...

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  1. I love her little grumpy picture face.

    That looks like it was a fantastic vacation.


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