Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday, Jen and Elizabeth came over to go swimming with Brigid and I in our neighborhood pool, and while it exhausted me to the point that I fell asleep on the couch while watching The Bachelorette (Team Arie, all of the way!!), Brigid was a little less cooperative for Steve, come bedtime, and she may not have fallen asleep until close to 11PM.

But, that didn't seem to stop her from getting up around 7:30 this morning (not that this is a horrible time to get up, or anything, but she usually sleeps in for another hour in the mornings...). We walked in to find her reading the books she'd set aside last night, for some post-daddy reading, that she hadn't actually had a chance to read since she didn't let Steve leave the room until after she was asleep. And when I asked her if she had been a stinker last night, she giggled and said yes. So...there's that.

(Do you want to know what else there is? Apparently, there is a group of mothers in my neighborhood who gather at the pool most days to let their kids swim together. And based on what I saw in their koozies as we were packing up to head back to my house, they like to indulge in an adult beverage or two while they're there. Drinking beer at the pool on a Monday afternoon? It might not be a bad idea to make friends with these ladies, is all I'm saying. They obviously know how to have a good time...)

Oh, and I had to get Brigid a bandaid after her bath. Because she walked into two different walls, trying to cause a bandaid-worthy injury, and we had to put a stop to that, somehow. This one was supposed to be for the elbow she bumped on the wall, but I think she forgot that the elbow was what was hurting in the time it took me to find the darn bandaids. She wanted another one for her knee, but Steve told her this was a magic bandaid that would fix ALL of her bumps in one shot.

At least she's still gullible enough to fall for excuses like that, right?

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  1. Elizabeth did not go to sleep until 8:30 last night, which isn't bad, but COME ON. I took you to play with a friend for something like FIVE hours. What else can I possibly do?

    And then she woke up three times in the night.


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