Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Weekend

Sometimes, your kid looks all sweet and angelic as she's feeding the birds at the zoo, and you think you can never love anyone as much as you love her, and if she just so much as pointed at a pony, you'd buy it for her because she is just THAT awesome.

And other times, she poops in the box holding all of the magnetic wooden doll clothes, and you have to spend 20 minutes disinfecting anything and everything that poop might have touched, and if a band of gypsies even glanced in her general direction, you'd give her away in a heartbeat.
Lucky for the both of us, we seem to be short of ponies AND gypsies in our neighborhood right now.


  1. I saw a pony farm the other day...

  2. Ha! I don't have any good poop stories and hope to keep it that way, but yours is great. Mine is into dipping toothbrushes into the toilet. And then into her mouth.

  3. This pretty much captures the essence of Motherhood.

  4. She is so cute! Have a lovely weekend:)


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