Friday, June 22, 2012

Good and Bad

So, Brigid has spent the last few days getting up earlier than normal, napping earlier than normal, and starting her bedtime process earlier than normal.

And last night? I still didn't get out of her room until after 10PM.

Mostly because I fell asleep in her bed at 9:15-ish, but still...I think we were heading that way with or without my sudden bouts of narcolepsy.

But I've forgiven her. And do you want to know why I've forgiven her? It's because I'm a total sucker.

And she knows it.

Because, aside from her frequent declarations of 'ME NO YIKE YOU, MOM-MOM' when I'm doing something terrible to her (like trying to put her nightgown on her after her bath *insert evil queen cackle here*), Brigid is getting to be quite the suck-up in her old age.

In the last week, I've been told I'm wearing a pretty dress, pretty necklace, pretty shirt and pretty earrings on various days, PLUS she told me I have pretty hair. So, you know, I'm feeling pretty great right about now. I may even let her stay up until midnight tonight, eating ice cream, if she asks me to let her.

Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE, child.


  1. I let alex have ice cream for dinner the other night because he kept telling me how much he loved me, how beautiful I was all day!! We are all suckers!

  2. Rylynne does this thing where she scrunches up her nose, and "tickles" my cheeks or gives me a big, loud kiss. Gets her out of trouble every time.


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