Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby's First Cereal

At Caitlin's four month check-up on Monday, the doctor told us we could go ahead and start her on rice cereal if we thought she might be ready to make the move to solid foods. When Brigid was four months old, it was beyond obvious that she was ready, because she was eating her weight in formula on a daily basis. But Caitlin? She just hasn't had the same appetite as her sister. So, we kind of pushed that recommendation to the side at the time...

(Of course, we mainly put it to the side because we kept forgetting to go out and buy some rice cereal for the poor kid, but also, she just didn't seem to need it, ok? That's the story I'm going to go with here.)

Fast forward to a measly THREE DAYS LATER when Caitlin just couldn't get her fill of formula. She was up last night at 11:15pm, 4am, and 7am, which...doesn't seem like a big deal, does it? It's not, really. But when she's been known to sleep from 8:30pm-6am on a good night? AND it takes her an hour (minimum) to go back to sleep? AND I have to get up and go to work on a stretch of four hours of sleep?

Well, then it becomes just a slightly bigger deal.

(I know. You hate me. I've lucked into a good baby who sleeps for longer than two hours at a time, and I should just quit complaining. I'm sorry. I KNOW.)

Then after a morning when no amount of bottle feeding was going to make Princess Cait a happy baby, Steve decided to give the cereal a shot.

Caitlin had...mixed...emotions.
Steve facetimed me at work, so I could see how Baby's First Cereal went down, and I couldn't resist grabbing a couple of screen shots, because 1) LOOK HOW SWEET AND CUTE!!! and 2) I am a terrible parent who laughs at the unhappy faces of her children.
Poor, poor, poor Caitlin.
(She recovered nicely, I promise...)


  1. The face when they taste something new is priceless! That bib is hilarious!!


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