Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scenes From a Ballet

I'm not technically supposed to be taking pictures during Brigid's ballet class, because the studio where she takes her class frowns upon that sort of thing for various artistic and class-disruptive types of reasons, but, I'm sorry....

You tell me how I'm supposed to NOT want to capture every moment of this absolutely adorable event on film? Or whatever the equivalent of that action is when I'm using a digital camera instead of actual film?
I'm going to progress to video, next, I think. A super secret, stealth video, so you can hear Brigid shout about how she wants to put princess sprinkles and chocolate chips on the cookie she is making when the class is stretching (I don't get it, either, but the class seems to love it, so apparently the former ballerina-turned-teacher knows what she's doing, here...). And you can watch her FREEZE when the teacher shouts the magic word of the day. And you can see her truly terrible plie form.

(She gets it from me, I'm sure. But Jodie Sawyer had terrible turn-out, too, and she was a fabulous dancer, so I still have hope. Also? I should maybe stop relating everything about this class back to Center Stage. Probably.)

And, uh, you can maybe see how many times the teacher has to call her back to attention, when she starts to lose focus on whatever it is they're doing at the time. There's a slight chance that she might get that from me, too, since my mother was told that she was wasting her money on my ballet lessons when I was a kid because I never listened to anything the teacher said.

But whatever. She's an artist, you know? And artists have to follow their own path...

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