Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Prima Ballerina

Admittedly, all of my knowledge around how a ballet company is run comes from the movie Center Stage, and that's maybe not the most realistic representation of how things work. But then again, it may be exactly how things work. And if it's the reality?
Then Brigid is going to be the one ballerina all of the other ballerinas hate, because she will have been part of the Company's system for a million and a half years. SHE WILL HAVE THE INSIDE TRACK TO BEING THE PRINCIPAL DANCER OF THE AMERICAN BALLET COMPANY!*


I mean...the Atlanta Ballet Company, of course. The American Ballet Company is fictitious, and Peter Gallagher is not the company director, and I am not obsessed, and I should probably stop watching so many movies...

Look! Over there! Cute baby in a leotard!
*Of course, all of Brigid's future success as a ballerina hinges on the hope that she doesn't take after Steve and I in matters of grace AT ALL, because if she does? Poor kid is screwed...


  1. SERIOUSLY. How do you get ANYTHING done? Look at how cute she is. It hurts, it really does. She is SO CUTE IT HURTS. OW.

  2. Oh my gosh, she is adorable! I can't wait to put McCartney in ballet lessons!


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