Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The first step to mobility...

When I took Caitlin in for her four month check-up, the pediatrician informed me that 'as soon as she decides she's ready to roll over, she'll start rolling over'.

So, you know. Helpful advice from our trained professional, right there.

I love our pediatrician. I do. I just...what does that even mean? Because, honestly? I'm not sure 'want' had a whole lot to do with last week's crossing of the milestone that led to my loves-to-be-swaddled baby no longer being swaddled at night due to the fact that I found her facedown and ANGRY in bed on Friday morning.
And don't let these pictures fool you...
This kid was not any happier spending time on her stomach when she got herself there in the first place than she's ever been when I've been the reason she's spending time on her stomach. And yet, every time I told her it was all her fault she had to hold her own head up for any significant period of time, she gave me the angry face.

She's just lucky her angry face is so cute.


  1. I didn't think it was possible, but she's getting even cuter. Even when she's angry.

  2. You little ladies are just so darn cute!! I used to laugh so hard when the boys would flip onto their tummies and then get stuck!!


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